Handy & Harman is a Branded Company that has been growing for over a century-learning and adding to its experience and capabilities.

Handy & Harman Manufacturing (Singapore) Pte. Ltd. was established in Singapore since 1984.

First of its kind in the area, and was even granted pioneer status by the Singapore Economic Development Board. Up to date, we are still one of the leading pioneers and global manufacturers of precious metals refinery from semi-conductors in Asia. We also deal mainly as a refiner and a fabricator of precious metals, alloys and electronic scraps.

We are committed to supporting our customers in meeting the dynamic and advanced technological processes, reclaiming high valued refining returns, advanced security settings and services as well as providing long term, sustainable support to our valued customers.

We build our business in a relationship of trust. That is why we welcome the opportunity for you to visit us, meet our professionals, tour our facilities and gain an appreciation of our unique approach to the precious metal refining business.

Fair and honest business practices have been part of Handy & Harman Asia's Heritage, Culture and Tradition from the start.

We are committed to maintaining this tradition of excellence established by over 140 years of stability in the precious metals business.

Let us begin building a trusting relationship today for your peace of mind tomorrow.

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